Tarik Elmoutawakil of Marlborough Productions

An update from the cultural framework groups that deliver the city’s cultural priorities, which explore:

  •  Brighton Experience – How we brand the city
  •  Arts, Health & Wellbeing – The connection between arts, health & wellbeing
  •  Bursting the Bubbles – Supporting freelancers
  •  Creative Coast – Strengthening the creative economy across the Greater Brighton region
  •  Rethinking Our Place – Ensuring the arts reach all parts of the city

More information about the cultural framework can be found here.

10.50  – 11.15
Presentation: The Creative Case for Diversity – Taking Stock
Hassan Mahamdallie

Reflecting on the Creative Case – Hassan will discuss whether or not it has made a difference, where has it succeeded, where has it failed and what challenges the Arts Council England’s Inclusion era will bring, in the next ten years?

11.35 – 12.00
Keynote Speech: Sustainable Social Inclusion in the Arts in Post-Apartheid South Africa – Challenges & Rewards
Dr Ricardo Peach

The Vrystaat Arts Festival in Bloemfontein, South Africa, originated as a festival to preserve Afrikaans culture. Ricardo presents a case study of how the adoption of an effective inclusion strategy evolved to support and feature many other languages and cultures.

Question & Answer session
Hosted by Nike Jonah & Atif Choudhury

Your chance to ask any of our morning speakers a question.


In the afternoon, you are invited to take part in a range of practical discussion, workshops & presentations. Please select these when booking your ticket.

Option 1:  1.30 – 2.15pm

  • How can I fundraise for my Inclusive Arts Project? [Lucy Stone]
  • How can artists take the lead in socially engaged practice & creative spaces?
    [Gil Mualem-Doron]
  • How can creative freelancers be supported? [Richard Freeman]
  • Speed dating [a 1-2-1 with key players in the Arts Industry]

Option 2:  2.20 – 3.05pm

  • Diversifying leadership – cultural leadership, trusteeship & governance
    [Amy Zamarripa Solis & Fabia Bates]
  •  How can arts venues / organisations embed Inclusive Practice? [Alice Fox]
  •  *Practical workshop* How can inclusivity play an intrinsic role in dance & what is its impact on health & wellbeing? [Rosaria Gracia]
  •  How can I take the lead in an arts project in my community? [Sara Gregory]
  •  Speed dating [a 1-2-1 advise session with Arts Industry experts]
  •  Talking Shop A [a facilitated group discussion]

Option 3:  3.10 – 3.55pm

  • How can the disabled experience strengthen the cultural offer? [Atif Choudhury]
  •  What’s stopping you making your workshop inclusive? [Sarah Pickthall]
  •  Building links between communities – Deaf & Hearing [Louise Gibson & Lydia Heath]
  • Dancing and the ageing body – what’s the role of older adults? [Three Score Dance]
  •  Speed dating [a 1-2-1 advise session with Arts Industry experts]
  •  Talking Shop B [a facilitated group discussion]

Closing presentation

A selection of performances will feature throughout the day.