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Arts Emergency – Call for Organisations to Support Ruby Ticket Scheme

Organisation: Arts Emergency
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Ruby Ticket Scheme

Help young people access art and culture by passing on free tickets through Arts Emergency’s Ruby Ticket Scheme.

As an organisation, you can create welcoming cultural experiences that help young people feel part of the creative community and develop their skills as cultural critics.

How does it work?

  1. Arts Emergency Network members donate free tickets to us! We always make sure that we allocate tickets in pairs so that our young people can bring a plus one.

  2. We advertise the tickets to our Young Community members and mentors via a newsletter that goes out on the 1st of the month and allocate them fairly.

  3. Arts Emergency will either accept tickets and pass them on or provide your venue with a list of names and email addresses before the event.

  4. Venues who receive guest lists from us should send confirmation emails to our young people with the ticket and any access information included the week before the event.

  5. After the event, we’ll also encourage our young people to write reviews and we’ll share them online.

Want to provide tickets more regularly? Become a Partner!

If you work at a gallery, museum, theatre or cinema that is able to provide tickets regularly and on request, please register your venue as a Ruby Ticket Partner using the form below.

Arts Emergency will give you a nudge the week before each of our newsletters goes out to remind you to submit any free tickets. They will then offer these to young people in their newsletter on the 1st of every month. Sometimes, young people will ask us for tickets for specific events. When that happens we will get in touch with you directly.

Please note that to be a Ruby Ticket Partner, you need to be a venue/organisation. You can find more details in the info pack.

Organisation: Arts Emergency
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