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Call-out: Paid busking opportunity

Deadline: 27/05/22

Opportunity for self-sufficient local bands and buskers to be involved with Women’s Euros 2022!

An open call-out for local buskers and bands that are available to play on the grounds of the stadiums to entertain fans as they make their way into the ground ahead of the games kicking off. Ideal candidates will be self-sufficient, in that they are able to provide either their own portable speaker (power supply not guaranteed) and/or are an acoustic piece. Logistics surrounding this can be discussed.

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We would love to showcase local talent to the area, so that fans can get a different experience in each location, no matter where they go to watch a match. The opportunity will be paid and successful applications may receive up to £300.


Monday 11th July 17:00 kick off

Friday 15th July 20:00 Kick off

Wednesday 20th July 20:00 kick off

If you or someone you know is a local busker or in a band and would like to be involved in the Women’s Euros 2022, please get in touch with [email protected]

Please note this opportunity is aimed at musicians only and unfortunately cannot include Street Performers of other natures.

Deadline: 27/05/22