Calling for artistic work in support of Brighton & Hove City Council’s Anti-Racism Strategy

Deadline: 18/11/22

BHCC are asking communities and individual members of communities who experience racism to create content for our Anti Racism Strategy.

We aim to create a culture within the council and city where Black and Racially Minoritised residents can thrive.

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Have you experienced a sense of power imbalance that impacted on your perception of racism? Have you been harmed by racism, or are you a community activist, or a researcher? Do you know of any examples where anti-racist approaches have been used? Are you a practitioner working in the community? Then, this is the opportunity to have you work and views published in BHCC’s Anti-Racism Strategy which will inform our anti racist work.

What would make our communities and individuals feel more seen and valued? We encourage forms such as spoken word, fine art, written article, video or audio formats, or any other forms that tell your story.  It’s an opportunity for you to share your understanding of anti-racism, your lived experience of racism, and reflect on ways the council can respond.

We’re looking for up to four creators to share lived experience, best practice or advice that illustrates anti-racist experiences at personal, local, or national level. Successful applicants will be paid £25 per hour (up to 12 Hours) for their contribution and time.


Submission guidelines

If you are interested in creating content for the Anti-Racism Strategy, please create one Word document that includes the following:

  • up to 100 word proposal with a clear synopsis of what you plan to create and how it could inform the council’s Anti-Racism Strategy
  • full details and affiliations of the creator
  • respect the principle of confidentiality by not revealing the identity of those involved if recounting real experiences
  • be free of copyrights and not have been published elsewhere

Email your proposal to Jamarl Billy at [email protected].
The deadline for submission is end of day Friday 18th November.

Deadline: 18/11/22