Community Ownership Fund round 2: webinar slides and recording have been published

The government is providing £150 million over 4 years to support community groups in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to take ownership of assets and amenities at risk of being lost.

Voluntary and community groups can bid for match funding to acquire important assets and run them for the benefit of the local community.

We have made key changes to the Community Ownership Fund for future bidding windows.

These changes are informed by the lessons learned from the first pilot bidding round and the feedback we received from stakeholders and applicants. We have therefore amended the design of the programme and the eligibility requirements in order to support a greater number of projects to successfully access the Fund. We have included an overview of these changes in our Webinar Slides. More information on these changes can be found in the prospectus.

The Fund will run until 2024/25 and there will be at least 8 bidding rounds in total.

Please follow this link for all details.