Creative Catalyst Challenge Fund

Organisation: Creative UK
Deadline: 27/11/23
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Proposals for the R&D of an innovative new product/system/process that decarbonises or reduces waste within the Creative Industries, reducing impact on our climate and/or leading us towards net zero.

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What is it?

The Creative Catalyst Challenge Fund is a grant fund of up to £250,000, available to enable creative talent to apply their capacity for innovation to tackle a specific challenge within the industry.

In this case, it is intended to be used for the research and development of an idea, product, system or process that reduces waste within the Creative Industries, decarbonises and/or reduces impact on our climate.

We may choose to make one award of £250,000 or a number of smaller awards up to the £250,000 total, depending on applications.

Your proposal must:

  • be from the creative industries and support the creative industries
  • demonstrate clear benefits for the UK creative industry and the wider UK
  • focus on a clear opportunity and the proposed innovation which addresses it

Your project must:

  • Have a total grant funding request of no more than £250,000*
  • Start by 01st April 2024
  • Last between 6 and 12 months
  • Carry out all of its project work in the UK
  • Intend to exploit the results from or in the UK

*Project budgets can exceed £250,000 but any additional funding must be clearly identified and in place*

Full Guidelines can be found here. 

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***Applications are now open***

Deadline for Applications is Monday 27th November 2023 12pm.  

Organisation: Creative UK
Deadline: 27/11/23
Apply Online