The Cultural Framework has at its heart a commitment by the creative and cultural sector to cultural, ethnic and social pluralism in their organisations’ practices, processes and policies. This is expressed through a voluntary Inclusivity Charter, which organisations can adopt.  The first draft of the Brighton & Hove Cultural Inclusivity Charter is below.

  • Actively promote the importance of reflecting a diversity of life experiences in our:
      • Governing body
      • Artistic practice (including learning & participation practice)
      • Employment practice
      • Audience development activities
      • Internal and external communications
  • Respect the diversity of life experiences of our staff team
  • Encourage dialogue within the organisation, and with our partners, audiences and funders about the importance of plurality in society
  • Report annually on what we have done, and the difference it has made to our customers/communities, artists and staff

Jenni Lewin Turner – Director, UrbanFlo: