Working Groups – September & October 2017


The Arts & Cultural sector were invited to contribute their knowledge and ideas to a conversation  that explored the question ‘What part does and should arts and culture play in our city? To help us explore the question , six working groups were formed under the following headings: Children & Young People, Built & Natural Environment, Health & Wellbeing, Creative Industries, Business Resilience & Leadership and City Reputation.  The working group discussions that took place between September & October 2017 formed the programme for the Brighton & Hove Cultural Summit, on 28th November 2017.



Date:  5th September 2017, Venue:  Brighton Youth Centre

Working Group Attendees: Rachel Carter – Head of Skills & Employment BHCC, Adam Joolia – Director Audio Active, Branwen Lorigan – Arts & Creative Industries Economic Development BHCC, Val Birchall– Programme Director Arts, Culture & Visitor Economy BHCC, Peter Chivers – Director Our Future City, Mike Roe – CEO Brighton Youth Centre, Lucy Castle – Libraries Services Manager BHCC, Hannah Coxeter –Brighton Youth Centre, Ellie Liddell-Crewe – ONCA Gallery, Helen Mcaleer – Arts Council, Jim Smythes – Greater Brighton Metropolitan College, Sarah Williams -University of Brighton, Richard Beales – Arts Work, Our Future City, Tommy Sissons -Freelance Poet and former BYC member, Monty Smith-Brown – young person Brighton Youth Centre, Helen Earp – BHCC, minutes.

Download for Children and Young People Notes

Feedback at the Summit was given by Peter Chivers. Peter is Head of Music and Arts for Brighton & Hove’s SoundCity music hub and Director of Our Future City, the Cultural Education Partnership for Brighton & Hove – a 10 year programme that seeks to improve the lives and life-chances of children and young people through cultural engagement and creative skills development. Peter’s background spans the arts, music and education. He is a Director of Rhythmix, a music charity that works with young people in challenging circumstances. He also sits on the Arts Council England’s Music Education Hub advisory board.



Date:  13th September 2017, Venue:  New Writing South

Working Group Attendees:  Dominique De-Light – Creative Future, Val Birchall – Arts & Culture Programme Director, BHCC, Sara Clifford – Inroads Productions, Susannah Davidson – University of Brighton, Lesley Wood – New Writing South, Michael Solesi – Audio Active, Becky Woodiwiss – BHCC, Sally McMahon – BHCC, Emma Collins – Music & Arts Service, Kirsty – Photoworks, Phillipa Lyon –  University of Brighton, Liz Hall – Carousel, Jess Crocker – Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, Helen Earp – BHCC, minutes.

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Feedback at the Summit was given by Dominique De-Light. Dominique  is the Director and co-founder of Creative Future ( – a Brighton based charity that works nationwide to develop and promote under-represented artists and writers. The charity runs the Creative Future Literary Awards ( and a visual arts showcase, the Tight Modern ( engaging audiences of 100,000s. The charity has worked with over 4000 under-represented writers and artists since being established ten years ago.



Date:  26th September 2017, Venue:  Photoworks at University of Brighton 

Working Group Attendees:  Donna Close, Chair, Val Birchall – BHCC, Branwen Lorigan – BHCC, Janita Bagshawe – BHCC, Kirsty Coates – Photoworks, Andrew Comben – Brighton Festival, Jenni Lewis Turner – Arts & Creative Industries Commission, Kate Regester – Always Possible, Jon Linstrum – Arts Council, Colin Hambrook – Disability Arts Online, Michael –  Audio Active, Emma Haughton – Generate Partnership, Paul Kemp – Pride, Helen Earp – BHCC, minutes

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Feedback at the Summit was given by Donna Close.  Donna is a creative producer and cultural strategist with 23 years’ experience in arts and culture, working in both the private and public sectors; in local government, higher education, large and small arts organisations, creative businesses and community and voluntary groups. She has developed cultural strategy for Brighton, Chelmsford & Belfast, produced and directed an award-winning international arts festival (White Night) and was one of the founding trustees of the award-winning arts charity, Brighton Open Air Theatre. Donna has secured more than £7million of public funding including most recently securing £1.5million of Great Places Funding for Gloucester as an Associate Director of cultural consultancy FEI. Donna also collaborates with Driftwood on 360 immersive film projects and is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Brighton working on a major international creative leadership project called ‘CLEVER’, and on knowledge exchange and collaborative research projects in the creative economy. Donna’s particular expertise is in cultural place-making, the development of new partnerships, alliances and consortia, and creating and producing arts festivals, special events and public programmes. Donna is also a Fellow of the RSA and a PRINCE 2 qualified project manager. Donna is director of AMP Culture, associate director of FEI, an associate of Millimetre, Always Possible and Our Future City.



Date:  2nd October 2017, Venue:  ONCA Gallery 

Working Group Attendees:  Val Birchall – BHCC (Chair), Branwen Lorigan – BHCC, Mick Anson – Planning BHCC, Rich Howorth – Biosphere BHCC, Lee Ismail – BHCC, Matt Weston – Space Makers, Persephone Pearl – ONCA, Nick Gant – University of Brighton, Ian Elwick – The Werks , Jenni Lloyd – Brighton Digital Festival, John McPherson – Arts Council, Lucy Perry – Heritage Lottery Fund, Roger Amerena – Brighton and Hove Heritage Commission, Darren Clarke – Charleston Trust, Andrew Nichols – Hove Civic Society, Liz Whitehead – Fabrica, Hazel Reeves – Hove Civic Society, Helen Earp – BHCC, minutes

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Feedback at the Summit was given by Liz Whitehead. Liz is Director of Fabrica. Fabrica is Brighton’s centre for visual arts. Now in its 21st year of operation I was one of four artists based in the city that helped establish Fabrica. Amongst other responsibilities I programme Fabrica’s exhibitions and oversee the wider artistic programme and Fabrica’s artist development programme. Commissioning new work, engaging people in art (with all the wellbeing outcomes this engenders) and supporting artists’ development is in Fabrica’s DNA. Fabrica plays an important role as a cultural venue that welcomes visitors from all backgrounds to enjoy excellent work by a diverse range of artists, much of which is produced by us in partnership with others such as Brighton Festival and Photoworks.



Date:  11th October 2017, Venue:  Werks Central

Working Group Attendees:  Ian Elwick – Werkshop (Chair), Val Birchall – BHCC, Branwen Lorigan – BHCC, Katharine Pearce – BHCC, Monika Metykova – University of Sussex, Leith Mckenzie – Alter & Co, Grant Shepherd – Alter & Co, Karen Cham – University of Brighton, Jenni Lloyd – The Purpose Lab, Helen Earp – BHCC, minutes

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Feedback at the Summit was given by Grant Shepherd. Grant is a designer, architect, educator and writer from the United Kingdom who has a passion for multidisciplinary design processes working across all of the creative industries. Grant is the co-founder of Alter & Company Architects, he works closely with clients across commercial, residential and public sectors. Grant has a deep interest in cultural innovation, new developments in art, interior, landscape,urbanism and architecture. As well as a practicing architect Grant is a senior lecturer and has taught and critiqued many of the UK schools of Architecture. Grant is a trustee member of several different community organisations. In addition, he has served on many awards juries and boards.



Date:  18 October 2017, Venue:  ACCA

Working Group Attendees:  Peter Heslip (Chair), Val Birchall – BHCC, Branwen Lorigan – BHCC, Rachel Williams – BHCC, Howard Barden – BHCC, Nicola Coleby – BHCC, Andrew Comben – Brighton Festival, Laurence Hill – Brighton Digital Festival, Phil Jones – Wired Sussex, Liz Whitehead – Fabrica, Sue Currell – University of Sussex, Kirsty Jennings – Blast Theory, Celia Davis – Photoworks, Helen Kennedy – University of Brighton, Helen Walker – University of Brighton, Julian Caddy – Brighton Fringe, Laura McDermott – ACCA University of Sussex, Monika Metykova – University of Sussex, David Allistone – Exploring Senses, Sian Aggett – University of Sussex, Steve Piper, Indy Hunjan – Kalaphool, Karin Janzon – Hove Civic Society, Helen Earp – BHCC, minutes

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Feedback at the Summit was given by Julian Caddy. Julian has been working in the arts for more than 20 years as a performer, director and producer. He joined Brighton Fringe as Managing Director at the end of 2011 and over that time, the Fringe has grown by more than 150%, with audiences of more than 555,000 people seeing over 1,000 events in 168 venues in 2017. It is England’s largest arts festival and one of the largest in the world. Prior to Brighton, Julian managed venues and programmed more than 700 events in 23 theatre spaces at Edinburgh Fringe. He has also produced seasons in Australia, Canada and London.