ABCD… E-volution

The ABCD Cultural Recovery Programme is concluding at the end of December 2022

ABCD… E-volution


After 13 projects, 25 new commissions, 24 events, 48 workshops, 435 participants, 12K+ audience members, 324 freelance creatives employed and £548,580 of funding raised, the ABCD Cultural Recovery Programme is concluding at the end of December 2022 (evaluation reports on the outcomes of the programme are available on the Culture in Our City website).  This doesn’t mean that the cultural sector in the city has now ‘recovered’, but that the way we work collaboratively to address ongoing challenges and opportunities needs to evolve.


Discussions with current partners, and potential new partners, have identified a need, appetite and resources for a successor group to ABCD, and from January 2023, the Brighton & Hove Culture Alliance will take the baton.


Funding has been confirmed so far from Brighton & Hove City Council, University of Sussex and Brighton Dome & Festival.  This will support a dedicated part-time Project Manager (currently being advertised: Find out more » ) and at least one event per year to bring people together to refocus priorities..  There will also be contributions in cash and in kind from some of the organisations who were successful with funding through Arts Council England’s new National Portfolio, that will support freelance representation and strategic projects.  Strands such as Space to Grow, that are currently funded, will continue under the new structure.


The model is based on the belief that arts, culture and creativity are foundational to the identity of Brighton & Hove, and that through partnership and collaboration, creative organisations and workers can be better supported to thrive and contribute to the prosperity of the city.  It is important that the sector drives this next phase, and that new and more diverse voices join the conversation.


The details are being finalised, and members for the new Brighton & Hove Cultural Alliance will be recruited in the new year.  Membership will be refreshed annually and there will be regular open meetings to support a better flow of people and ideas. The Alliance will also include, for the first time, the option for organisations who want to be Cultural Allies to get involved. Keep an eye out for more detailed info in January.


A huge thank you is due to all the individuals and organisations who contributed so much to the ABCD process and programme.  It wasn’t always easy, and not all the ambitions were realised, but a lot was achieved and learnt, and some great foundations were laid for the Brighton & Hove Culture Alliance to build on.


Stay in touch with developments through the Culture in Our City newsletter, and wishing everyone a happy and peaceful end to the year.


Polly Gifford
ABCD Programme Manager