We’re a group of cultural leaders within Brighton & Hove, coming together with the mission to support the city’s arts and creative industries sector. This work is being led by the ABCD Plan for Cultural Recovery.

The Governance Group and Space to Grow Working Group are currently active. The Enliven, Engine Room and Creative Communities Working Groups ran from March 2021 – March 2022.

Governance Group

We look after and oversee all of the working groups, helping them deliver the city’s recovery plan collaboratively.


Mark Fisher, Brighton & Hove City Council Kate O’ Riordan, University of Sussex

Marina Norris, Arts Development Manager, BHCC
Louise Blackwell, LOOKOUT & Independent Producer
Andrew Comben, Brighton Dome & Festival
Jane McMorrow, Creative Future + Arts & Health group Chair
David Sheppard & Tarik Elmoutawakil, Marlborough Productions + Enliven Brighton group Co-chairs
Cath James, South East Dance + The Creative Communities Network group Co-chair
Jessica Cheetham, Spun Glass Theatre


Our Code of Conduct

Our Terms of ReferenceThe ABCD

Recovery Plan – for Brighton & Hove

Space to Grow

We’re reviewing the current options for creative space in the City, exploring new models and maximizing the existing capital and organisational infrastructure.


Adam Joolia, CEO, Audio Active Mat Hunter, Co CEO Plus X

Sarah Davies, Director, Creative Workspace Network
David Sheppeard, Executive Director Marlborough Productions
Faith Dodkins, Co-Director The Spire
Jessica Hamilton, Estates Manager Brighton & Hove City Council
Helen Gregory, Principle Planning Officer Brighton & Hove City Council
Marina Norris, Arts Development Manager, Brighton & Hove City Council
Matt Kitson, Director of Estates, University of Brighton

Enliven Brighton

We intend to employ creative and cultural businesses and practitioners to enliven the city centre, boosting the city’s vital retail economy and making it a more attractive and rewarding destination to visit.


Co-Chairs: David Sheppard & Tarik Elmoutawakil Marlborough Productions

Sarah Davies, Phoenix Art Space
Kim Jack-Riley, Tea & Grazing Ltd
Sally Oakenfold, Hope and Ruin
Tristan Sharpes, dreamthinkspeak
Simon Vaughn, Creative Giants

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The ABCD Recovery Plan – for Brighton & Hove

The Engine Room

We focus on developing existing and identifying gaps in sector business support designed specifically for cultural and creative workers living and working across Greater Brighton.


Co-Chairs: Marina Norris, Cultural Baggage
and Erin Barnes, Independent Producer

Philippa Aldrich, Future Perfect Company
Julian Caddy, Brighton Fringe
Peter Chivers, Future Creators, Cultural Education Partnership
Joe Shelton, University of Brighton

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The ABCD Recovery Plan – for Brighton & Hove

Creative Communities

We want to encourage culture in all parts of the city through developing local event infrastructure alongside event management and programming training and support.


Cath James, South East Dance and John Varah, Same Sky

Nicky Crabb, Little Green Pig
Faith Dodkins, The Spire /freelance
Terri-Sian Lugosi, EPIC / freelance
Jess Stairns, Dyspraxic Me
Jonathon Suffolk, independant

Arts, Health & Wellbeing

We are working towards the city becoming a nationally recognised Centre of Excellence for the use of culture in promoting wellbeing and addressing health inequalities. This work strand has a working group advising and guiding its development. It is made up of individuals and organisations from across the city, participating on a voluntary basis.


For the city to become a nationally recognised Centre of Excellence for the use of culture in promoting wellbeing and addressing health inequalities.

Group priorities

  • To address health and wellbeing priorities in the city.
  • To develop a Pay it Forward for Culture initiative across the city and link it to social prescribing.
  • To seek investment to support the development and dissemination of good practice.
  • To develop a common language and evidence-based measurement framework.


Jane McMorrow: [email protected]

Our Inclusion Charter

Our commitment to the City’s creative and cultural sector.


The ABCD Plan for Cultural Recovery and the Cultural Framework have at their heart a commitment by the creative and cultural sector to cultural, ethnic and social pluralism in their organisations’ practices, processes and policies. This is expressed through a voluntary Inclusivity Charter, which organisations can adopt.

The first draft of the Brighton & Hove Cultural Inclusivity Charter is below.

Inclusivity Charter

We will actively promote the importance of reflecting a diversity of life experiences in our:


  • Governing body
  • Artistic practice (including learning & participation practice)
  • Employment practice
  • Audience development activities
  • Internal and external communications
  • Respect the diversity of life experiences of our staff team
  • Encourage dialogue within the organisation, and with our partners, audiences and funders about the importance of plurality in society
  • Report annually on what we have done, and the difference it has made to our customers/communities, artists and staff.