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Deadline: 17/11/24
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Anita’s Room, Brighton Dome’s brand-new dedicated creative space for artists to research, experiment and create bold and courageous new work, is now open and accepting applications for use.

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About Anita’s Room

Anita’s Room, Brighton Dome’s brand-new dedicated creative space for artists to research, experiment and create bold and courageous new work, is now open and accepting applications for use.

Part of the newly-refurbished Grade I and II listed Corn Exchange and Studio Theatre, Anita’s Room is fully equipped with a lighting grid, mixing desk and the latest 5G technology. The space can accommodate up to 40 people within its main space, office and kitchen areas and is suitable for a range of activities, including research, development, writing, rehearsal, workshops, retreats, experimentation, music making and community group work.

Reflecting the importance of arts and culture in Brighton & Hove, Anita’s Room is designed to support works in progress, alongside small scale performances and events.

Performers and creatives from across the area will have the opportunity to undertake a week-long residency in the space, allocated via a simple online application process. Applications are welcome from individuals and groups across all artforms and at all stages of their career. The space will also be made available to Brighton Dome’s associate artists, in-house artists, and national and international visiting performers.

Priority in our Open Call will be given to artists who are working without regular funding.

What can you use the space for:

Research, development, writing, rehearsal, labs, retreats, experimentation, small sharings or invited visitors, music making, singing, working with invited groups of community performers/makers.

Anita’s Room is not intended as a ‘messy space’ and is not expected to be used for visual arts or crafts in the main, although we recognise there may be multi artform or genre defying practitioners who use of the room may incorporate these elements.

Anita’s Room is not available for regular use or hire.

Anita’s Room does not have a sprung floor so is not intended for dance rehearsal unless the guest user is confident their dance practice will be safe without a sprung floor.

Commercial rate equivalent for the space is £280 for 10-6pm usage and this figure can be used as in-kind match funding for funding applications.

What you can expect from us:

If you are offered space you will need sign a contract and tell us all the details about how you will use the space. You will then be connected with one of our

Producers who will be your contact. On the day they will welcome you to the space and give a short induction for safe usage.

If your use of the lighting rig is more complicated than the simple set up you will need to cover the cost of one of our technicians to operate the tech at £15 p/hr.

What we expect from guests in Anita’s Room:

After the induction you will be responsible for the safe use, cleanliness and tidiness of the space. You will be responsible for the equipment and if using the space after the rest of the building has closed, you will be responsible for locking up and setting the alarm which requires additional training.

We will ask everyone who uses the space to contribute time to future decision making on applications and/or providing feedback and a public record of your time in the space (a paragraph, photo, video etc).

Who can apply and how to apply:

Any artist or creative with a BN postcode. We may later widen the radius after the first review of applications.

To apply for a 1 or 2 week residency in Anita’s Room, and to look at the tech spec, please head to the Brighton Dome website.

We expect to offer mostly 1 week residencies to give as many people the opportunity to access the space as possible, however in some cases we may agree a two week residency if there is a good case for it e.g. a well developed plan for creating a new work that requires a two week run of time.

Applications can be made on a rolling basis for dates within the upcoming year, there is no deadline but the panel will meet to review applications on a quarterly basis and make a decision within 3 weeks. Our panel of artists/creatives and

Producing staff will review the applications, trying to accommodate as many as possible and we will give brief feedback if you aren’t successful.


Decision making weeks:

Week beginning 12 Dec 23 for weekly residencies from Feb 24 to Jan 25

Applications received after 12 December will be reviewed in the next meeting

Week beginning 12 Feb 24 for weekly residencies from March 24 to March 25

Applications received after 11 Feb will be reviewed in the next meeting

Week beginning 20 May 24 for weekly residencies from June 24 to June 25

Applications received after 19 May will be reviewed in the next meeting

Week beginning 19 Aug 24 for weekly residencies from Sept 24 to Sept 25

Applications received after 18 Aug will be reviewed in the next meeting

Week beginning 18 Nov 24 for weekly residencies from Dec 24 to Dec 25

Applications received after 17 November will be reviewed in the next meeting


Examples of usage

·       script writing and reading by a collective of writers

·       R&D for a new creative time

·       sprint session for digital practice

·       song writing and rehearsal – please note amplified music would only be possible if it wouldn’t conflict with other performances or events in the building

·       use by a collective of artists who will each lead one day focusing on their own practice

·       lab hosted 1 artist or a group of likeminded artists with invited national or international collaborators

·       rehearsal of a new play


Anita’s Room is supported by The Roddick Foundation.


Deadline: 17/11/24
Apply Online