Artist Development Scheme for 16-24 Year Olds at Marina Studios! 🚀

Organisation: Marina Studios
Deadline: 16/12/23
Apply Online

Our Artist Development Scheme is an initiative driven by the core value of true inclusivity. It is designed to address the needs of under-represented artists by providing tailored support in various aspects of dance creation including the essential resources of space, time, guidance, and sharing.

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Objectives and key information:  
  • To empower under-represented artists by providing them with the necessary resources and support to create dance works. 
  • To facilitate the development of new creative and cultural works through collaborative efforts, such as co-creation with participants. 
  • To enhance the skills and capabilities of individual artists or those within their respective organizations through focused training, talent development, and mentoring. 
  • Provide dedicated studio space and necessary resources for artists to work on their projects. 
  • Pair artists with experienced mentors who will provide guidance, feedback, and valuable insights throughout the development process. 
  • Foster a supportive environment that encourages artistic exploration and risk-taking. 
  • Facilitate networking opportunities and collaborations with fellow artists to enhance collective creativity. 
  • Provide training workshops, masterclasses, and skill-building sessions to support artists in refining their technical and artistic abilities. 
Expected Outcomes: 
  • Production of high-quality, innovative dance works by under-represented artists. 
  • Increased visibility and recognition for the artists involved in the program. 
  • Cultivation of a supportive community of artists, mentors, and collaborators. 
By embarking on the “A Space to Call Home” Artist Development Scheme, we aim to create a transformative space where under-represented artists can flourish, enabling them to contribute meaningfully to the world of dance and cultural expression. 

Join us online for an engaging introductory and information session designed to provide you with a overview of the project’s goals, objectives, and the incredible opportunities it presents. Led by our experienced project manager, this session is your chance to understand the project, assess whether it aligns with your interests and aspirations and meet the two professional mentors.

Please note, We will email you the meeting link once your booking is complete. *Creative time to start in Jan 2024.

Organisation: Marina Studios
Deadline: 16/12/23
Apply Online