Street Story by Judith (Exhale Creative Grant 2023)

Call out: Join our Brighton & Hove Culture Alliance Anti-Racism Collective (ARC)

Deadline: 15/12/23

The Culture Alliance Anti-Racism Group was formed in early 2023, with the purpose of setting up and awarding the Exhale Creative Grants to black and racially-minoritized artists in Brighton & Hove.

The Exhale grants for 2023 have now been awarded, but the need for vigilant work in Anti-Racism still exists. We have formed a new group called the Anti-Racism Collective (ARC), and we’re looking for new members to join, bring fresh ideas and energy, and use the suggestions collected at the Culture Summit in October 2023 to drive forward fair play and opportunities for artists who may experience racism.

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Purpose of the ARC

We want ARC to be at the forefront of developing, promoting and influencing anti-racist actions and strategies in Brighton & Hove, that transform the cultural and creative ecology.

You’ll be setting the future strategy and objectives of the group for 2024 and setting out a plan of action and a fundraising plan that enables us to achieve our vision.

Who we are looking for

ARC is currently chaired by Kim Jack-Riley, local resident and Tourism Industry leader, along with Vice-Chair, Jenny Williams, BEM, founder of Take The Space. We are seeking up to five additional and passionate individuals to expand our committee.


We believe that a deep understanding of racism’s complexities and a commitment to dismantling it are paramount. Therefore, we are calling for applicants who are ready to contribute their knowledge, experience, and innovative ideas to further our mission. ARC is open to individuals who are dedicated to anti-racism work. We encourage the fresh and dynamic perspectives of under-30s, however all ages are encouraged to apply.

To apply, you must live or work in Brighton & Hove, be connected to the creative or cultural sector, understand the ecology of race equity and have the availability  to work on this project for approximately one day a month in a hybrid format.

We invite applications from anyone who can demonstrate a commitment to anti-racist practice in the arts in Brighton & Hove.   We invite applications from a wide range of backgrounds, experiences and levels of seniority to create a diverse group that can bring different views to the table. We are looking for solution-focused people, who are committed to driving change.

We aspire to foster a collective rich in diverse experiences and viewpoints. We encourage individuals from all walks of life, bringing informed perspectives on racism, a commitment to equality, and enthusiasm for activism.


The ARC will meet once every two months for two hours. These will be held on the first Wednesday of the month on the following dates. In person meetings will be held in central Brighton.

2024 meetings

  • Wednesday 10th January, 11 am – 1 pm (in person)
  • Wednesday 6th March, 11 am – 1 pm (online)
  • Wednesday 8th  May 11 am – 1 pm (in person)
  • Wednesday 3rd July 2024, 11 am – 1 pm (online)
  • Wednesday 7th September, 11 am – 1 pm (in person)
  • Wednesday 6th November 11 am – 1 pm (online)

In between meetings, we ask that you contribute to events, proposals, other meetings etc, up to one day a month.  We ask you to commit to at least one year (2024).


We are recruiting up to five new members. Two of these are freelance places, paid at one day a month for £300. Up to three places will be members who will be supported by their organisation to cover their time.

How is this group managed and funded?

ARC is managed by the Culture Alliance Governance Group, an independent body to support the arts sector in Brighton & Hove. You can read more about it here.

How to apply

Please send a copy of your CV and a short statement (max 250 words written or an audio or video file of maximum 3 minutes) saying why you would like to join Anti-Racism Collective and what you can contribute to the group. Please clearly state if you are applying as a freelancer, or for your time to be covered by your organisation. If you would like a further discussion, join our online drop-in Zoom Q & A at 12 – 1 pm Thursday 7th December. Please email Ella at [email protected] to get the link.

Deadline for applications:  9 am Friday 15th December

Successful applicants notified: by Friday 22nd December

First meeting: Wednesday 10th January 2024

Deadline: 15/12/23