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Deadline: 01/03/25
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Funded by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), the new Supporting Grassroots Music (SGM) fund is part of the additional music investment announced within the UK Government’s Creative industries sector vision in June 2023. It’s an evolution of Arts Council England’s Supporting Grassroots Live Music funding programme, originally launched in 2019. The new fund is now open for applications for grants up to £40,000 and will be available until March 2025.

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This new fund reflects the wide range of spaces and skills that are needed to help musicians perform and thrive at the grassroots of the music industry. It will expand the range of eligible applicants to include rehearsal and recording studios and festivals, in addition to grassroots live music venues, venues for electronic music (including clubs and other “club-like” events), and independent promoters who were also eligible for the fund’s previous iteration.

Darren Henley, Chief Executive, Arts Council England said: “This investment by the UK Government and Arts Council England reaffirms our commitment to supporting this hugely important part of the music industry. People value the opportunity to develop and express their creativity, both on their own and with others, and the grassroots music sector excels at giving communities the chance to design and develop creative and cultural activity where they live. We hope this new funding will continue to both address the needs of the sector and empower it to carry on offering high quality live music experiences for audiences across the country.”

Claire Mera-Nelson, Director, Music, at Arts Council England said: “We are proud that DCMS has looked to Arts Council as its trusted delivery partner for this vital and timely support for England’s grassroots music sector. Over the past four years and more – including through the UK Government’s Culture Recovery Fund – we have worked to develop a shared understanding of the needs and challenges of grassroots organisations and the individuals who work with and are supported by them. In our work to deliver this new grassroots investment we hope to see this bedrock of the UK music industry thrive and bring even more people together through a shared love of music.”

Creative Industries Minister Sir John Whittingdale said: “From the Troubadour in London to The Brickyard in Carlisle, we provided a lifeline to hundreds of grassroots venues during the pandemic. We have continued that support in recognition that grassroots venues are the backbone of our music industry, providing a platform for musicians to hone their craft and supporting thousands of local jobs.

“Today, thanks to an extra £5 million in government investment, even more parts of the grassroots music landscape – including rehearsal studios, nightclubs and festivals – can access support to build their businesses, reach new audiences and maximise their creative potential.”

Jon Collins, Chief Executive, LIVE said: “Like any ecosystem, the UK’s worldclass live music sector is dependent upon its grassroots for the development of the next generation of on and off stage talent.  We welcome this latest round of support and the opportunities it will unlock for grassroots music venues, festivals and promoters.  No doubt, like the equivalent support for international touring, it will deliver back many times over, bolstering domestic touring, driving additional activity into local economies and delivering joy to millions.”

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Deadline: 01/03/25
Apply Online