Theatre in Education contract 3+2yrs – expressions of interest wanted

Deadline: 31/07/24

We are in the process of selecting a company who can deliver two theatre in education shows concurrently over the autumn term across Sussex. These are aimed at yr7 and yr11 students with specific data led messages using behaviour change framework to encourage engagement and minimise risk.

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Sussex Safer Roads Partnership has delivered theatre in education shows to secondary schools in Sussex for over 10yrs with several providers.  We are coming to the end of the current contract of five years and are looking to put out to tender a contract to deliver a 3+2yrs contract of work starting from the Autumn term of 2025.  The tendering process will start in September 2024.
The work is to develop two shows – for yr 7 and yr11 students – covering specific road safety risks using behaviour change as a framework to deliver risk minimisation and effective engagement.  This will be done in association with the partnership representatives and will be reviewed each year.  The provider will then organise promotion and booking of the shows to the schools across Sussex, delivery of the shows and evaluation of engagement.  The company delivering the shows will have to be able to deliver both shows – yr7 and yr 11.  It is envisaged the tour will run in the Autumn term – currently 80 shows approx in 8 weeks.
There are a limited number of TiE providers  – especially in these economically challenged times – and I want to ensure that we give an opportunity to investigate this and possibly bid to a local company/organisation.  This is an early call for expressions of interest and possibly requests for information.  I am one of the project groups members for the partnership and will handle any initial expressions of interest.  If you go onto the SSRP website you can see what the current offer is on the campaigns page – yr 7 – Look Up and yr 11 – take a second from our current provider Rapport.
Deadline: 31/07/24