Homegrown Festival

Supporting your favourite Grassroots Music Venues and the local scene.

HOMEGROWN has come together via a small group of venues who set up Music Venues Alliance Brighton. The group was formed to help all the GMVs in the City deal with the unique issues we face as Live Music Spaces. MVAB has been able to help a number of GMVs fight off planning applications by offering advice and support with contacting the right people quickly and helping to mount campaigns. It’s been really helpful to all work together and see positive results. This was all made possible with a small amount of funding from Brighton & Hove City Council.

Brighton currently doesn’t have a multi venue Festival that celebrates JUST the local scene. So we thought it was about time we changed that.

The funding has also allowed us to create HOMEGROWN so we can REALLY showcase how GMVs and bands work together to create the vibrant and healthy scene we are lucky to have here in Brighton.


We also secured some extra funding from MUSIC VENUE TRUST who have been an enormous help to us all as venues. The service the offer to GMVs is invaluable. It’s also their 10 year anniversary so all the more reason to put on an awesome event celebrating what we all love and fight for on a daily basis.


Shout outs also go to some top notch local legends who have come onboard as sponsors to help us get this off the ground, so a huge thanks to Abyss Brewing, Small Pond and Conch Clothing for their involvement. Finally a massive thanks to Fatsoma who built us a website in days so we could sell the tickets through one place.

Let the fun begin!!


  • Canned Pineapple
  • Complete Snake
  • Currls
  • ElliS-D
  • Frank & Beans
  • Flip Top Head
  • Glasshouse Red Spider Mite
  • h_ngm_n
  • Harper
  • How Long You Been Driving
  • Hypsoline
  • Ladylike
  • Maximilian
  • Moon Idle
  • Nierra Creek
  • Opal Mag
  • Rainy Day Cafe
  • Soft Top
  • Van Zon
  • Vascha
  • Wimp
  • Woody Green