Organisation: Prodigies

A platform designed for young creatives to showcase talents, whilst building a collaborative hub with the creative industry.

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Prodigies is a creative community, designed for and by emerging creatives, to showcase our talents, whilst building a collaborative hub with the creative industries.
We empower creatives to follow their passions and dreams; to develop strong career prospects, despite fears of our modern world, and without limitations on geography or experience.
Prodigies connects all creative players on one platform: creatives, designers, schools, colleges, universities, buyers, galleries, artists, entrepreneurs, design enthusiasts and individuals.
We accept all forms of creative outlets, from painting, to film, to fashion, to architecture, the list goes on.
We strongly believe that art, in every form, matters now more than ever before. not just because the creative industry is the fastest growing industry in the UK and in need of talent. But most importantly because to develop imagination, creative thinking and the ability to communicate, is to build the foundation for being a better individual and to make a greater contribution to the world.
For more information please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website.
Organisation: Prodigies