Serena Sussex's 'The Inner Voice Through Music' (left) Image provided by Serena Sussex

The World Reimagined: ‘The Inner Voice Through Music’

Brighton Artist Serena Sussex is seeking a public location to display her Globe highlighting the impact of the transatlantic slave trade.

‘The Inner Voice Through Music’

‘The Inner Voice Through Music’ was one of 103 globes created by artists for the The World Reimagined national sculpture trail. The World Reimagined is an art education project aiming to transform how we understand the ‘the transatlantic trade in enslaved Africans, and its impact on all of us’.

Serena’s globe was on display in London, Stratford East for 11 weeks this during summer and autumn, before the entire collection came together for a two-day display at Trafalgar square

Serena and her family came together to buy her piece at auction at the end of the art project, and it will be available for all to see at Jubilee Library from 5th-18th December for Serena’s solo art exhibition.

Beyond the exhibition, Serena is seeking for a new, long-term or permanent host for the globe where it may be on public display in Brighton. For the 140cm diameter globe with a height of 168cm, weighing in at between 40-60kg, an indoor space is preferable, although it is also possible that it be established in an outdoor space.

If you have a public space that may be suitable, please contact Serena via the contact details below.

DEADLINE: 19/12/22